An Invitation to New Year’s Concert

Dear my friend,

Finally, we’re approaching the end of the year. Besides the upcoming winter vacation, there’s another gift for everyone: New Year’s Concert with Vienna Philharmonic.


  • Riccardo Muti!!! The artistic collaboration between the Vienna Philharmonic and Maestro Muti began in 1971, and this is his sixth time to conduct New Year’s Concert. This means that you can rely on a real veteran.
  • The program includes many favorites by Johann Strauss Junior, including the Voices of Spring and the Emperor Waltz as well as seven items appearing on the New Year’s Day concert for the first time.
  • At the end of every New Year’s Concert, the audience interacts with VPO during the routined The Blue Danube and Radetzky March. However, the concert this year would be the very first one without an audience. The world is looking forward to Muti and VPO’s rearrangement.

Who, When, And Where

The attendance would be some of my close friends. Sharing the appreciation of classical music, I’m sure will have a great time.

The performance would start at 6:30 PM UTC+8, Jan. 1, 2021. Feel free to drop by between 6:00 to 6:30.

To better enjoy the beauty of New Year’s Concert, the party would be held at a private cinema at ECMall. Beijing Roast Duck and other snacks will be provided during the party.


In an interview on New Year’s Concert, Muti once shared his idea on the New Year’s Concert. I believe those thought have a even more special meaning for the year 2020:

Maybe this is one of the reasons on the first of January, this music enters into the homes of every county in the world and fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the New Year because there is a hope for the future that is coming, and yet a nostalgia for the past that is gone.

Riccardo Muti

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