Project R54

This post is about an ongoing project and will be updated frequently.

Tony Stark built his first V8 engine when he was 6 years old. I’m 22 already but haven’t built any engine yet. I should start to build an engine right now! Since I’m 22, there’s no way I could break Tony’s record, how about breaking another record: Vehicle engine with the most cylinders? So I started Project R54: design and build a 54-cylinder radial engine which will beat the current world record (48 cylinders) by 6 cylinders.

This project is divided into 3 phases:

Number Content Purpose
1 Reverse engineer a single cylinder engine. Learn all the technique required to build an engine.
2 Redesign the engine to be scalable. Convert the single cylinder engine to a modular design and then scale up to 54 cylinder in CAD.
3 Build a R54 engine. Break the world record.

So far, I’m halfway through the first phase: designed and machined the muffler, the piston, and the cylinder head. The next step is to design and machine the engine block.

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