I’ve just found the app made by for WordPress sites owners to manage their sites on iPhone. It’s a great convenience for me! So I download it at once.

But here’s a problem: it can’t connect to my self-hosted site. After looking it up with Google, I found out that the official plugin Jetpack need to be installed in WordPress. After installing this problem was settled.

But here’s another issue: I can’t post any post! Then I found this link: It’s said that the package for XML Generating is not installed in the operating system by default. So I installed php-xml and php-xmlrpc by apt-get and then everything worked. And this post is posted by the app on iPhone. Actually this is not the first time for me to find out the lack of required package caused error in WordPress. Last time is when I was going to corp a photo on WordPress.

Any way, this works for me right now. And it brings me great convenience!

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