Modern Machining

1. Faster

1.1. Better Machine Design

B-axis for 6-sided complete machining

Double tools for double MRR

Four 5-axis Turret: Kill CNC Programmers

Swiss Lathe: Assembly Line for Turning

Laser Drilling


Smart Fixturing

1.2. Better Tooling

Ceramic Endmills

Custom Tooling

Focused ion beam-shaped microtools for ultra-precision machining

1.3. Better Control

Excentric Turning

Interpolation Turning

Chatter Control

Collision Protection

AI Chip Removal

2. Tighter Tolerance

Active cooling and compensation

In-process 3D tool wear compensation

In-process surface roughness check

In-process surface probing + grinding for sub micron accuracy

3. Make Impossible Possible

“Machining” ceramics and glass

Additive + Subtractive

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