Ink for Fountain Pen

I used to use ink from Lamy. But it’s not waterproof. And it dries in an extremely slow speed.

So I decide to select a new brand.

I did some research and asked my friend: Sengxian for advice.

Finally I chose three types of ink to take a test:

  1. SAILOR: Black
  2. Noodler’s Ink: Black
  3. Noodler’s Ink: X-Feather

Due to time limitation, I used 3 different pens to write. And here’s the order:

  1. Lamy Joy- EF (for SAILOR: Black)
  2. Lamy Studio – EF (for Noodler’s Ink: Black)
  3. Lamy Safari – F (for Noodler’s Ink: X-Feather)

And here’s the original writing:

Sweep through after 10s after writing:

Cover with my highlighter:

And here’s the conclusion:

  • As for Noodler’s Ink: Black, it dries a little bit slower than SAILOR, and it fades more than SAILOR. But it’s cheaper than SAILOR. 
  • As for Noodler’s Ink: X-Feather, it dries much much much slower than others. And this disadvantage makes it out directly.
  • As for SAILOR: Black, it performs better than Noodler’s Ink. But after drying, its color turns out to be a little bit grey.
  • As for UB-150-38: it performs the best. But it’s a Gel Pen. And its ink can’t be used for a Fountain Pen.

In a nutshell, I think SAILOR: Black is the best choice and I bought one.

It looks very delicate, isn’t it?

I’ve been using it for three day. And it works great fine!

By the way, here’s another ink: DE ATRAMENTIS – Document Ink. It’s said that it works even better than SAILOR in the aspect of speed of drying. But it’s too expensive that I can’t afford.

In addition, here’re two posts about ink and I find it very useful:


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