Translation: If you wake up during midnight while finding yourself haven’t read any books for a long long time and you can’t feel any guilty, then you should know that you have been depraved. It’s not about if the book itself is noble, but about the action you read books which indicate that you are not in complete agreement in this world and the reality. This action also means you have exploring, fighting. It means you have disagreement. It means you are chasing other possibilities, another kind of life.

Original: 如果你半夜醒来发现自己已经好长时间没读书,而且没有任何负罪感的时候,你就必须知道,你已经堕落了。不是说书本本身特了不起,而是读书这个行为意味着你没有完全认同于这个现世和现实,你还有追求,还在奋斗,你还有不满,你还在寻找另一种可能性,另一种生活方式。 ——陈平原

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