A Day with Google!

Day 0

I got here by Boeing 787, the Dreamliner!

The plane is great! You can charge your electronic devices:

And the window is magic!

In the afternoon, I went to PKU and took a class with QJC.

But if you ask me what the most impressing stuff in PKU, well, my answer will not be the high-quality courses, nor those highly self-motivated students, but the countless nests! I mean really, they are everywhere!

BTW, PKU is much quieter in comparison of THU.

Day 1

Google is located in a technology park which many famous companies made the same choice.

Let’s get back to Google:

Google is located in Floor 4~7, Tower B.

Well, I failed to come up with other introductions. Let’s start A Day with Google!

The first thing which rushed to your eyes is definitely the decorations:

And here’re LOGOs. Maybe engineers all love them!

You can even expand this work!

As you can see, there’s a museum, so:

After that, there’s a tech talk and some other talks given by Googlers. I even met a guy from TensorFlow Developing Group!
It’s lunchtime then. This meal is one of the best buffets that I’ve ever had!

Then, it’s time for office tour!
Game Room:

Micro Kitchen:


Signature Wall:

And so many artworks:

After that, there were recruiters analysing our CVs, though my CV’s almost plain QwQ
Then it’s Interview Tips. Here are some slides, download if you need them: interview_tips_google
And this is a helpful video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ko-KkSmp-Lk

Then it’s Tea Break. That cake was the 6 or 7 one _(:з」∠)_

Then this day was almost over. Let’s Call It A Day!

Day 1 (+1)

In the comparison of PKU, THU is a big park! Well, it may not be big, it’s huge!
I walked along this river for about an hour before I reached the border!

However, park means everybody’s here.
BTW, QQ is everywhere!

Later that day, I took one class in THU called Microeconomics.
No wonder PKU is one of the best universities in China.


Well, no matter how great your classmates are, there’re always some students who study much harder with much better gifts in the university. So to minimize the gap between we and these top-class students, we should keep on learning and never give up!

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